Thursday, February 07, 2008

Well, you are going to pack, pack and unpack, unpack for a fortnight. What is it that I would have you quietly set your mind and heart on, during that in itself lonesome and dreary bit of your road?....True, certain other acts, at other moments, will be wanted, of a kind more intrinsically near to God--Prayer, Quiet, Holy Communion. Yet not even these other acts could unite you as closely to God as can do this packing, if and when the packing is the duty of certain moments, and if, and as often as, the little daughter does this her packing with her heart and intention turned to God her Home....for what God wants, what God will love to accept, in those rooms, in those packing days, and from your packing hands, will be just this littel packing performed by you in those little rooms.

Baron Friedrich Von Hugel quoted in A DIARY OF READINGS.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

[The institutional church] starts out to get people saved and equip them for service. It proceeds by serving people who have come inside a building. Then it settles for elevating the programs and obligations of the gathered congregation until, finally, the costs exceed the benefits to those who attend. Meanwhile, the church virtually forgets about the world outside. If the church exists to include those not yet included in heaven, and those not yet included are to know we are Christians by our love, we need to be based in geographical proximity to them. That's why the church distributed plan is field-based, not headquarters-based.

Joel Hunter. CHURCH DISTRIBUTED: HOW THE CHURCH CAN THRIVE IN THE COMING ERA OF CONNECTION. twenty-first-century life, texture is just as important as context. How things look and feel and appeal to our senses is as important as any rational system of ideas to which we have no feeling of connectedness....
In a chaotic world, texture is important. It is how we feel our way into the future. We desire to hold, feel, and struggle with ideas and issues of ultimate meaning....
...people are leaving the church because they want to embrace something more than abstract ideas and religious dogma. They want a transforming spirituality that gives their life shape and meaning.