Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Practicing conventional disciplines, when we're able, prepares us to simply practice the presence of God, to borrow a phrase from Brother Lawrence, in seasons of life filled with disorder.
Jenell Williams Paris. Disorderly Disciplines in Christianity Today Online.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Now wicked fairies will not be bound by the laws which the good fairies obey, and this always seems to give the bad the advantage over the good, for they use means to gain their ends which the others will not. But it is all of no consequence, for what they do never succeeds; nay, in the end it brings about the very thing they are trying to prevent. So you see that somehow, for all their cleverness, wicked fairies are dreadfully stupid, for, although from the beginning of the world they have really helped instead of thwarting the good fairies, not one of them is a bit the wiser for it. She will try the bad thing just as they all did before her; and succeeds no better of course.

George Macdonald. LITTLE DAYLIGHT.