Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A move in the right direction

One of the most interesting outcomes [of the survey] is the different taste of younger pastors... They lean toward books and authors that extol adventure, shared experiences, visionary leadership, supernatural guidance and relational connections. If their choices in reading are any indication, they seem less obsessed with church size and more interested in encounters with the living God. They are also less prone to identifying the most popular books in favor of those that are known for their passionate tone. The fact that less than half as many young pastors considered the Purpose Driven books to be influential in their ministry suggests that the new legion of young pastors may be primed to introduce new ways of thinking about Christianity and church life.
The Barna Group. Survey Reveals the Books and Authors That Have Most Influenced Pastors.


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Very interesting Annette. Here's a post that I think you'd find interesting:

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