Thursday, August 21, 2008

With bitterness and true compunction of heart I acknowledge before Thee gross and selfish thoughts that I so often allow to enter my mind and to influence my deeds.
I confess, O God--
...that often I deceive myself as to where my plain duty lies:
that often, by concealing my real motives, I pretend to be better than I am:
...that often my affection for my friends is only a refined form of caring for myself:
that often my sparing of my enemy is due to nothing more than cowardice:
...O holy One, let the fire of Thy love enter my heart, and burn up all
this coil of meanness and hypocrisy, and make my heart as the heart of a little child.

John Baillie. A DIARY OF PRIVATE PRAYER. Seventeenth Day, Evening.


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