Friday, May 09, 2008

I'm reminded of a conversation with David McFadzean (co-creator of Home Improvement) a few years ago a when he critiqued an idea I had for a proposed nationally syndicated radio show. "Dick," he said, "you and I both know the electronic media has severe limitations. It does certain things well--entertain, inform, create awareness, BUT", David went on to say, "in my experience, transformation happens local, grassroots, in community..."

I suspect the truest influencers today are parents raising their kids, school teachers educating them, pastors in local churches where souls and spirits are nurtured, coaches of kids sports teams and countless others making a difference locally.

You won't see them on TV--they won’t make the news--they are the backbone of civilization.I'm not saying these TIME 100 newsmakers aren’t important--it is just that those drawn to the big stage and driven by ambition and a desire for notoriety seem like the influencers, but are really just the widely known--the rest labor in obscurity.

Dick Staub. STAUBLOG: TIME 100 Most Influential?


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